Looking back on Living in Love

January 2, 2009

2008 Goals

Well, it’s January 2, 2009, which means it’s time for the 2nd Annual Year-in-Review blog post.  After one year of my new hobby (blogging), I think I will continue in 2009.  Looking Back on Moving Forward was 2007’s review post, so now I will look back on Living in Love

It was a good year.  Lots of ups and downs.  I’ve attached a picture of the original list (written in Dec. 2007) of my goals for 2008.  I will go through them one-by-one and see how I did.

  • Drink less pop & alcohol
    I did ok with this at first, but then I was so tired in the morning all the time, the pop was needed.  It became a bad habit.  I think I did go at least one week without pop, maybe more.  The less alcohol thing went well at first too.  I did moderately ok with that, but I would like to get even better this year.
  • Drink more water
    For a few weeks, I was up to at least 2 nalgenes a day, which is pretty good.  I got worse in the middle of the year, with some days going by with no water.  Yuck.  I would also like to get better at this in 2009.
  • Learn to cook/eat healthier
    I think I cooked maybe twice.  Grilled cheese does not count.  I think I ate more grilled cheese sandwiches this year than any other human on the planet.  Yum.  They’re so good.  Not healthy.  Now that I got a new apron though, maybe I will get better (or at least try) at the cooking and eating healthy thing.
  • Bring my lunch 4 days/wk
    I did this well, again, in the beginning of the year.  The hard thing was I could barely ever afford groceries, so I barely ever had food to bring that would be enough to constitute a lunch.  There were a lot of days I would just bring two slices of bread (I had peanut butter & honey in the office), and pretzels, and that was the best I did. 
  • Read 8 books
    Ding ding! I actually did this. The Poisonwood Bible; Don’t Waste Your Life; Velvet Elvis; Prince Caspian; Desiring God; Letters from a Skeptic; He is There, He is not Silent; The Shack; and Clapton: the Autobiography.
  • Go on 8 “dates”
    I actually went on 18. Yes, I did write them all down, but I will not record them all here. (And to clarify, I put the word dates in quotes because since I don’t really go out that much, I define a date more as just a one-on-one hang out with a boy.)  CJ fulfilled most of these hang outs, so that makes me feel good.  Though, I think I’m finally over him. PTL. 
  • Exercise every day
    Did really well for January, February, and most of March.  Then I got lazy.  The end.
  • Read Bible and G&Gs journal every night
    Read Bible most nights, but lost track of the journal/devotional that I got from my grandparents, so I didn’t get further than March probably.  Bummer.  Maybe I will get back to it in 2009.
  • Go to bed by 11 p.m. (+/-)
    Besides a few random late nights here and there, I actually did super well with my early bedtime.  I’m thinking of making it even earlier for this year.  I still can’t wake up in the a.m.
  • Clean apt. once a month (weekly touch-ups)
    My place thankfully doesn’t get that dirty.  I did quick touch-ups here and there, but for the most part, I didn’t do very well on the cleaning aspect.  I did more of a deep clean on NYE (in anticipation of having people over and to keep myself from going crazy) so that was good.
  • Travel out of the country
    A last-minute trip to Antigua in December for the family program at Crossroads fulfilled this item, though it was definitely not planned or even wished for.  I am very grateful for the opportunity.
  • Love people better, more often
    I tried to do this as often as possible.  I don’t know if I did it very well, but my Live in Love motto helped remind me to be more loving. 
  • Continue being bold.
    I brought back Bold in 2006 when I was challenged with a situation that would lead me out of my comfort zone.  It was most of the time very much worth it. 
  • Blog once a week
    I stuck to this one pretty well at first, and then when I started The Jenna Daily in the spring, I slacked more on JennaB4 [and after].  As stated above, I will continue posting on both in 2009. I love blogging.
  • Sketch/paint/draw once a month
    Usually I just did this in my sketch book, but once I actually brought out my painting stuff.  Pretty sure I did something at least once a month.  It is so therapeutic.
  • Earn more money (freelance, 2nd job?)
    Did not happen.  Booooooo.  A must-happen in 20o9.
  • Watch 1 new movie per month
    Done.  I didn’t write them down, but I know I did it.
  • Give regular offering at church
    As previously mentioned, considering I had barely enough money to buy staple groceries, my tithe struggled.  That is an understatement.  I am not proud of this. 
  • Stay focused at work
    For the most part, yes, I stayed focused, though I could do better.  Hopefully 2009 will bring me my own office, which will help significantly.
  • Plan a reunion with Richfield girls
    No, this did not happen, though I really would still like it to.  They all see each other pretty often, and I would love to keep in touch, but it is hard living further away, and though facebook is nice for updates, it would be great to see them in person.  If you’re a Richfield girl and reading this, please help keep me accountable to this in this year.  I miss you.
  • Make a budget, stick to it.
    Did not do this, but is much needed.  So is the cash that would actually be the prerequisite to a budget.  But that’s a different story.
  • Go on a road trip.
    Colorado with Elaine in August.  Done.  And awesome.
  • Invest in SNL kids
    I would like to say I tried.  They are excellent.
  • Visit other churches.
    Considering I went to Hope maybe three Sundays this whole year, I did a pretty decent job at visiting other churches, mainly Bethlehem Baptist.  I loved it.
  • Keep at least one night open per week
    I think I did this ok.  I think my goal was to not get so busy that I didn’t have time to myself to get stuff done or just relax.  When I was diagnosed with depression in October, I had to do a better job at surrounding myself with people that I loved, otherwise I would get stuck in a pity party and that is not healthy for anyone.
  • Get a prof. massage
    In Antigua!  On the beach!  With the ocean waves crashing in the background!  Pretty much awesome.
  • Learn to say ‘no.’
    I got better at this as the year went on.
  • Attend chapel regularly
    Done!  And I am so thankful!  I learned so much!
  • Have a d-team reunion
    Better late than never, went to OPH in December.  Melissa was unable to join, but we will see her at her wedding in January.  Crazy!
  • Host a party at my house
    Still have yet to have a housewarming party (fingers crossed for Feb. 2009, 2 year anniversary), but I did have groups of people over (my definition of a party) a few times.  Helvetica night with youth group girls, and NYE Party to name a few.  GTs.
  • Visit G&G in Arizona
    March 2008.  Done.  I love AZ.  I love Leisure World.  I love my grandparents. A must-do in 2009.

So, to sum it up, I did pretty well with my goals.  Feeling darn good about it.  I will soon write about the upcoming year and my motto.  I’m pretty pumped about it though.  Live in Love was a really good one for me for 2008.  I’m really glad the year started out as well as it did, because I think without the strong start, especially in my faith, I don’t know how I would’ve endured the tougher times of the spring/summer/fall/winter as well as I did.  God is truly so good.  I will leave you with my verse o’ the year: 1 John 4:16. “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.”  ♥ jb



  1. Awesome to read Jen!!!
    I love you so~

  2. NYE was the best party at your house ever!

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